FO connection solution for reduced space - NEW!

Key features
  • In Line Miniature Optical Adaptor
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Can be used on patchords already in place
  • Battlefield Communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics Industrial
Technical information


  • Compact removable splice
  • Singlemode & multimode
  • EN2591 qualified

Insertion loss

  •  0.2dB Typ. 0.7 dB max 850/1300nm Multimode-0.3dB Typ. 0.7 dB max 1310/1550nm Singlemode


  • Ambient temperature - 1g²/Hz
  • Duration : 8 hours in 2 axis, X and Y direction
  • Duration of micro-discontinuity: <4μs
  • IL max 0,7db
  • Duration: 8h / axe – 2 axes


  • Immersion under 10cm of water during 30min

Salt spray

  • 500h (matted)

Operating temperature

  • -55°C +125°C (depends on cable type)

Mating durability

  • 500 cycles

Cable retention

  • 68 N / 3 pulls / 1 min (due to ARINC801 terminus) (depends on cable type)

Promi is a miniature optical cable adaptor for reduced space. It features a compact removable splice for easy installation & maintenance, a split nut for easy installation and a boot for sealed connection.

Check our video to watch the live demo


Brochure Promi

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