Lux-Beam #16

Single Expanded Beam termini - NEW!

Key features
  • Single Expanded Beam Termini
  • Enables upgrades from optical physical contact technology to optical contactless technology
  • Size 16 series III for MIL-DTL-38999 / EN3645 / EN4165
  • Battlefield Communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics Industrial
Technical information

Expanded Beam technology

  • Surface expanded bundle >140X
  • Reduced sensitivity to dust
  • No degradation of the optical face
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance


  • Cavity #16
  • MIL-DTL-38999 series III TV/CTV, EN3645
  • EN 4165 (SIM)

Other benefits technology

  • Easy installation with standard tools
  • Possibility to mix with Electrical contact for Hybrid solutions

Lux-beam is easy to clean, and is less sensitive to pollution by dust or debris.

The contactless coupling of Lux-Beam is not subject to degradation of performances resulting from friction of optical surfaces as it usually is on traditional butt joint termini.


Brochure LuxBeam Size 16

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