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Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

Any need for harsh environment harnesses?
Our harnesses portfolio includes: termination of signal, RJ45, USB, Quadrax, Power supply, Fiber optic, Butt joint and Expanded beam.

>Every external interconnect application has its own unique demands. These dynamic applications expose a cable assembly to a variety of mechanical, electrical and environmental challenges.

>Amphenol is specialized in interpreting these requirements and developing a corresponding performance specification. When an application calls for something special, we are able to efficiently design and develop a custom solution.

>Amphenol Socapex can easily adapt the geometry of the connectors, backshells in order to meet the technical requirements of the harness in terms of space saving, mechanical resistance, integrity of the signal, data rate transmission and so on…

>We provide you with a complete harness solution with the help of our preferred harnesses manufacturers or through our internal harnessing capabilities.


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