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38999 connectors, 38999, Amphenol 38999

Amphenol Socapex provides the largest range of MIL-DTL-38999 series I, II, III. RoHS versions available. Contact us for sales & technical support. For 3D drawings, please go to our 3D Drawing page.

Name Features Applications

Series I
LJT / HE308 / JMS274…

Bayonet coupling, scoop-proof rugged. Military avionic, military vehicles, battlefield communication Brochure More info

Series II

Bayonet coupling, low profile shell, light weight. Requiring very low profile, military & avionics Brochure More info

Series III
TV-CTV / EN3645

Thread coupling, scoop-proof. In aluminum alloy, composite, stainless steel, marine bronze…
RoHS version available

Battlefield, ground vehicles, aircrafts, communication systems, advanced industrial with high vibration & high density BrochureMore info

VG96912 / SJT

Bayonet coupling, scoop-proof rugged, lightweight Hermetic and high temperature Brochure More info

Reduced Flange 38999 Receptacles

Derived from MIL-DTL-38999 Series III More density on panel, more space inside the box, lighter than 38999 stand off receptacle C4ISR, Battlefied communication, ground vehicles, missiles, avionics, navy, Ethernet switch, tactical radios & computers Brochure


Harsh environment rack & panel connectors 
Commercial & military avionic packaging, ground / marine / defense, advanced industrial applications Brochure More info


Space saving, quick disconnect connector without any rotating ring.  Available in lanyard configuration. For fast and easy connection&  disconnection Brochure More info


New : VG 96944 Qualified !

Transmit high power with voltages over 500V
I/O power for boxes, drums, electric power generator


38999 shells equiped with ruggedized power inserts. From 60A to 500A per contact. I/O Power for boxes, power connectors spread on the field (drums) Brochure More info


Various types of tubular and planar filter connectors for optimal EMI and EMP protection. Military & commercial aviation, military vehicles, missiles & ordnance space & satellites Brochure More info

Filtered Connectors

All 38999 or derived connectors can be supplied with integrated backshell for band clamping. Battlefields, ground vehicles, aircrafts, advanced industrial applications with specific climatic… Brochure More info